All my guitars are hand-crafted from beautiful, sustainable woods

After 25 years as a player, teacher and performer, I wanted to put all the best things I’d learned about quality, feel, playability, sound and price into a complete package. Many years of prototypes and tweaking have lead us to the culmination of my hopes. The Model E and the Custom Trem.

There are a lot of great guitars out there. I know. I’ve owned, played and worked on some. However, for most of us these days, price is always an issue. As is lugging lots of equipment from gig to gig, making sure they are safe and not wanting to have to compromise security and practicality for quality. I honestly believe less is FAR more when it comes to guitars. I don’t like heavy finishes and unnecessary cosmetics. I like great build quality, great playability, great sound and beautiful wood. Then I just price them honestly and fairly.

I want to be as ethical as I can. My materials are extensively researched and responsibly sourced. All wood is certified and exploiting cheap labour in other parts of the world is not an option.

The truth of any guitar lies in its feel and in its sound. If either of these isn’t right, don’t buy it.