During our 5 years r&d, testing and tweaking, the most amount of time was spent on the pickups. I wanted them to fulfill a specific set of criteria – tone, clarity and usability.

Blades instead of pole-pieces – I have always preferred blades. No dead-spots when bending and a directed magnetic field lead to a far more focused pickup.

The original idea was to try for a P90/Humbucker hybrid but the result, while being usable, was too much of a compromise. There is an unmistakable P90 clarity due to the design but only as a complement to the core humbucker – both driven and clean the clarity is incredibly responsive to tone and volume controls.

I have both alnico and ceramic versions which will lend themselves to different styles and intentions.

There are examples both live an in the studio of the pickups in the video section of this website.

They are hand-wound for me by Kent Armstrong.